How to help?

Your charitable contribution will help change a veteran’s life.


Financial donations enable VetCar to recondition cars for worthy low-income veterans. By taking decent vehicles and putting them in reliable condition, we help ensure they’ll serve recipients for at least one years.

That gives VetCar clients the time and transportation they need to gain independence.

Make a tax-deductible donation today

Donate online or call 678-914-1221

Here’s how your contribution can make a difference:

  • $25 covers vehicle cleaning
  • $50 buys a tank of gas
  • $75 provides breaks, pads and rotors
  • $100 pays for a tune-up
  • $200 replaces tires

Use the donate button to the right to make a contribution to VetCar today!

Become a Business Partner

Your business can demonstrate its dedication to the community and make a meaningful difference by supporting VetCar. Here are some ways to help:

  • If you’re in the auto business, provide in-kind or discounted services.
  • Make a financial contribution to offset the cost of vehicle repairs.
  • Tell customers and employees how their car donation to VetCar can earn them the best possible tax deduction. We can provide an article for your newsletter or website.
  • Display flyers or counter cards. We can supply them.
  • Make VetCar the beneficiary of a raffle, golf tournament or other activity.
  • Invite us to speak at an event.
  • Introduce us to a potential partner.

We welcome your ideas and appreciate your interest. Please contact Corby Hannah at

Thanks for supporting VetCar!

Donate Today

Donations enable VetCar to recondition cars for low-income Veterans.