Misha A.

Misha is an Akron, Ohio native who served in the Army for four years. She left the Army to focus more on her newborn son and husband, and became a stay at home mom while her husband remained in the Army. When she decided to go back into the workforce, she tried her hand at several jobs, including food service and administration, however, she knew that finishing her education was important in order to ensure a better future for her family.  Misha then enrolled in college full-time and earned her Bachelor’s degree in middle school education. Unfortunately, things began to unravel for her after graduation (failed marriage, loss of job, eviction) and she leaned heavily on family while she got back on her feet.  She stayed with her brother, and her mother kept the kids so she could work as much as possible. During this trying time, love managed to make its way back into her life, and she remarried.


 Fast forward to now, Misha and her new husband are raising six children including two of their own in addition to the two each of them brought from previous relationships. Having a family that large and only one vehicle has proven to be nearly impossible and when their lone car began having issues they knew they needed another option.  A church friend had heard of VetCar and referred Misha to the program.  Misha contacted VetCar and was able to get a minivan that can hold the entire family. She is appreciative of what VetCar has been able to do for her: “VetCar has been great with coming through with everything they said they would do for me. They told me they would find me a vehicle that could seat my entire family, and they did,” she says. Now that she and her family have another vehicle, getting to and from her job and everyday obligations has become easier and she is grateful that she is able to “get everywhere she needs”