Sherry R.

Sherry served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era and was one of the first women to be certified as an aerospace ground equipment repair technician.

She completed her basic training in Texas at Lackland Air Force Base and finished her technical training in Illinois. During her second year in the Air Force, she became pregnant and made the choice to leave the Air Force and raise the first of her three children. Over the years Sherry held a variety of jobs and even ran her own business in Georgia and Alabama.

Sherry ran into problems when she overextended herself to help multiple family members and fell victim to homelessness for two different periods during 2008-2012.

She got help through Phoenix Rising a local Atlanta non-profit organization that helps female veterans and took advantage of the VASH housing assistance program to get her housing situation under control.

After finding housing, her next goal was to save money for a car. Her case worker told her about VetCar, and she was able to negotiate an affordable down payment and monthly payments on a Toyota Prius. Sherry is now working at Auto Zone and is able to get back and forth to work more easily and manage multiple shifts.

Having transportation to her job provides her with the security and means to make her car and insurance payments on time which has lifted a burden off of her shoulders and made it possible to focus on the future.