Lewis J

Lewis J. was born in Chicago Illinois, and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2000 to be closer to his ailing mother, and to attend Clark Atlanta University. Before moving to Atlanta, Lewis served with the United States Air Force. After leaving the Air Force, he studied and completed his degree in Sociology at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.

In 2013 after experiencing difficulty in finding full-time employment, he was unable to maintain his housing. At that time, he was connected to Homes of Light LLC through United Way of Greater Atlanta.

There he was introduced to their transitional housing program and with their assistance, found full-time employment and then moved into their permanent housing. In 2015 he was enrolled in Homes of Light’s Vet Car program, and with the assistance of their no interest loan, was able to purchase a vehicle.

The vehicle purchased is very helpful with maintaining his permanent housing by providing transportation to and from work. In addition, it also allows him to get to Montgomery, Alabama monthly to continue serving proudly in the U.S. Army Reserves.