Lucille O.

Lucille O is an Army veteran who served for seven years in the US military as a Behavioral Science Specialist. Based primarily out of Ft Riley KS she provided counselling and related services for enlisted personnel.  Originally from South Georgia, Lucille has lived in the Atlanta area since 1992. For the last four years Lucille has worked with the Veteran’s Empowerment Organization (VEO) as a Peer Specialist and using many of the skills she used in the Army. Lucille came to VetCar recently when her car broke down and her financial situation would not allow here to get a new one through traditional dealerships. As a Peer Specialist Lucille does a lot of work in the field, meeting with landlords and transporting clients. It is also a job that is almost impossible to do without a car. VetCar helped Lucille get into a reliable vehicle at a price she could afford and has helped stabilize her life at a critical time. She is grateful for VetCar because having a car allows her to maintain her employment, allowing her to support herself and her fellow Veterans!