Bobbie J.

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to help someone twice. Bobbie was one client whose success was especially vital because she has a daughter that depends on her. Earlier this year, VetCar worked with Bobbie to get her in a car she could afford on her limited budget so that she could get back into the workforce. Having a young daughter to take care of meant that she needed a very reliable car as well. Unfortunately, she began having issues with the car and it was becoming too expensive to repair. To add to her stress, she lost her job during this time and was having difficulty making her car payments on time. “VetCar was very flexible and understanding when I lost my job, and they let me make payments when I was able” says Bobbie. More recently, we worked with Bobbie to trade in her original car and replace it with a newer more reliable model. As a result she has been able to get a new job driving with Uber and is resuming her training as a nurse/emergency room tech to establish a long term career.